Durban Gigs: Your Guide To Happiness Is Now On Facebook

Aweh julle,

So Dark Knight is on holiday which gave me an opportunity to shake things up a little. I have to do it when she’s away, this is very much her baby and like most mothers, Dark Knight is not a fan of kidnapping.

A Little Present For You

So here it is: Starting this week, our full gig guide will now be on our Facebook page. We thought it might just be a bit easier for ya’ll to make use of. Our weekly YGTH post will still come out on the blog but we’ll just be highlighting some of the gigs we’re looking forward to and listing the theatre shows. Everything else will be on the Facebook page.

The Zero31 page has gone through a little revamp in the last while, along with the tab for the new gig guide, you’ll also see a tab called “Free Music”. Basically, all the music we’ve been getting from the artists we interview, you can now download straight of the Facebook page as well.

You see, there on the left.. "Gig Guide" and "Free Music"..

A Little Present For Us

We’re not above charity. In fact we love charity. So I’ll come straight to the point, unlike that guy on Umbilo Road who seems to be stuck in Durban eternally as he looks for 50 bucks to get to Richards Bay because he has a job interview in two days time which he has to take because he got fired from his last job because a work-place rival planted a bottle of whisky in his locker and then pointed it out to the boss but that’s weird because he doesn’t even like whisky so it can’t be his but no one believes him because he is actually the star performer at the glitter manufacturing plant and they all just wanted to see him go which is now why he has to make this interview in Stanger…    Richards Bay! Richards Bay! He means Richards Bay.

I could go that route.. or I could just say: Ouens, subscribe to our blog, like our Facebook page and suggest it to your friends, follow us on twitter and lastly, if you dig a post we put out – share it!

Four things, that take a total of  5 minutes to set up after which you just sit back and let us deliver the raddest content we can, straight to your online door step. We think we’re doing a cool enough job of things to ask you to do that.

So, here’s how:

In the image below you’ll see the three buttons that follow you on the page, on the left side of the page. They’ll take you to our twitter page, our Facebook page and the last one will subscribe you to the blog via RSS (it’s flipping cool, trust me. RSS makes me happy)


It's super quick, all in one place.. Facebook, Twitter and RSS subscriptions.


You can also “like” our Facebook page straight from the blog. It’s the first thing in our sidebar, on the right, on every page – no excuses:


So easy, plus spans ous already dig it, so you don’t have to feel awkward.


Sharing our content to other peeps is probably the simplest thing ever. Obviously you can just share stuff straight from your Facebook newsfeed by clicking on share underneath one of our items, or you can do it straight from the post you’re reading on the blog. At the bottom of every post, is a bunch of options to share to the platform of your choice:


Check it, two place for you to share from. Facebook, Twitter and email buttons- in the post itself. And if you're a supergeek that shares on other platforms, the bottom right corner of the post frame is a wet dream.


And what would be really amazing, on par with breaking news of Paris Hilton’s musical retirement (or her retirement from all aspects of life), would be going ahead and suggesting our Facebook page to your mates. I know there seems to be a rule that we only do that for pages that don’t actually mean anything or give us anything back in return, like “Dolphins have feelings too”, “We <3 Miley 4EvA”, or “i fart in my sleep and the smell wakes me up”.. but just pretend that we don’t have an up-to-date gig guide, free music, regular competitions, and links to interviews with great local bands… just pretend all of that doesn’t exist and then suggest to your mates. Laka!


Do it next time you're on FB. Just do it.



Okay, and here ends this morning’s lesson.

Party options are obviously in abundance this weekend with the July. We’re digging the sound of Cake or Death at Unit 11 tomorrow and Fulka on Friday there too, the City Bowl Mizers (and friends) vibe at the Keys on Florida Marquee at the July on Saturday, I Heart Market on Sunday.. but that’s just us, check out all the gigs on the Facebook gig guide.

We love you guys and we love our city. Hope you those bets go the way you want them to on Saturday.
TwoSlice Dré