Tokyo-Go-Go and Skullboy: Durban Creatives Inspire

This post was supposed to go out two days ahead of last night’s Homies Sweet Homies exhibition in Umgeni Road. Oh well, better late than never.

Homies Sweet Homies displayed the work of two local artists, well-respected in the scene, Tokyo-Go-Go and Skullboy. For those of you who remember this night, you’ll remember that it was Skullboy who got the highest auction bid at Interpret Durban’s sneaker war; raising R7000 for charity from his entry alone.

The installations were honestly inspiring and at points quite mind-blowing. I suppose what was even more encouraging was the turn out it got, Durban seems to be coming alive again. The highlight of my evening though, probably came from the after-party at Unit 11, where I watched Dan from Thomas Krane pull off the most insane cover I think I have ever heard. “Where Is My Mind”, yes, The Pixies, in case you were wondering.

Skullboys Home installation, containing this piece with lyrics from my fave song, and also with other things that are nice.


Anyway, you missed out if you weren’t at the exhibition last night- lots of shoulder rubbing and hobnobbing (not sure if those expressions even exist but you get the point) but I’m sure photos will be doing the online rounds soon for you to catch up on.

Check out the online spaces of Tokyo-Go-Go and Skullboy, here and here. It’s well worth it.

Much love,