Osama is dead.. May02


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Osama is dead..

hectic my bru... durban is a safer place.

hectic my bru… durban is a safer place.


Osama Bin Laden, has been killed.. They’ll never admit it but there is definitely a republican or two mumbling “Barack, you biscuit..” under their breath.

You might not think this means anything to us, but for a long time the growing number of American students on UKZN’s campus has been scaring the crap out of me. Their strops and khaki vibe is a dead give-away to any taliban spy, covering as a chem eng major, that Durban could be a little USA and worth a hit..

But now we can all live free, and I encourage all of you to further encourage our American friends that they can keep their strops on and stay.

One ugly, slaughter-crazed, DICKtator down… Hundreds more to go.

Yours in world peace, beauty pageants and anti-terrorist vibes
TwoSlice Dre