Where Have All The Black People Gone?

Happy Election Day everybody!

Crap, as soon as I wrote that I realized everyone would assume the title of this post must be some wayward attempt at a witty remark on the elections. Sorry to disappoint you but fear not I have an “Election Special” coming up later this afternoon that I’m really hoping gets me into trouble with a certain Durbanite that is shooting up prayers that the aforementioned post-title would become something of a reality and is trying his hardest to shoot this city down. It’s name and shame time.

What I’m actually referring to in this post is how, in today’s little music gift from me to you, music really does transcend colour. Thought I’d pop two little videos your way from two acts I really love. One Foreign. One Local. As you will soon pick up, Whitey has come along way from being Pretty Fly For A White Guy and has learnt some serious skills from our Hip-Hop founding brethren.

One Day As A Lion

About two years ago, maybe more, who’s counting, Zack de la Rocha (RATM vocalist) and Jon Theodore (former The Mars Volta drummer) teamed up to bring us the product of their amalgamated creative juices… they called it One Day As A Lion and we were blessed.


Bringing it straight back to the heart of Durban, with a similar vibe but not really at all similar is rabid outfit Spitmunky well, it sounds similar if you’re my grandmother). You guys see toward the end of the video that crazy look Ewok gets in his eyes? Ja, that’s pretty much how he looks all the time- I don’t think I’ve ever seen him looking unlike someone who just had a case of Red Bull and could write fresh lyrics for an albums worth of songs if you asked him to, on the spot. The man is a zero31 legend. Big up to him and Veranda Panda for representing.

Check ya’ll later. Blessings.
TwoSlice Dré