Great Day Thursday: Durban Comedy Invasion and Fender Sound In Your Car

Good Morning You Beautiful Durbanites,

I’ve been posting from the awesome city of Nelspruit for the last week, but I am on my way back as we speak. By “as we speak”, I mean sometime in the future. We all know what that means though, I shall be missing out on the Fen. I get back this weekend with my beautiful engaged who I am kidnapping and bringing to Durban, so not at all a bad weekend for me regardless. To all of you going: Go Mental. Have Fun. And Be Safe. By “be safe”, I mean don’t get too close to Bob Perfect’s tent.

Wanted: 9 Fender Amps For Car Audio System

Hells Yeah!

So anyway, check this shizlet out… VW became uncool in my books when they turned the every-person’s car, the Beetle, into a giant-sunflower-pot-plant-holder for high school cheerleaders whose fathers work with trust funds and/or the illegal smuggling of South American cocaine mules. The Beetle, would never be accessible to me again… But who cares, right? Right now, I couldn’t care if VW just released a car specifically designed for the efficient trafficking of drug mules because the just unveiled the new Jetta which comes with custom, face-melting sound from Fender. Here’s the release video.. it’s a bit lame. By “a bit lame”, I mean pathetic, but you’ll get the drift.

Here’s a little excerpt from their press release (Ja, now that The La Els have one, everyone’s doing it)

…with the addition of the Fender Premium Audio System the final piece of the puzzle is in place. This nine-speaker system is specifically designed to capture the raw emotion of a live performance, making it a “face-melting” audio experience. And according to Brian Tedeschi, Fender’s Business Affairs manager, that’s a technical term.

…This state-of the-art sound system was the product of over three years of research and development to bring unmatched audio clarity at high and low volume to your driving experience. In layman’s terms this means a lot of really smart people spent a really long time making sure that this audio system is going to be better, louder and generally more “face-melting” than anything you’ve heard before.

I. Am. Happy. Can’t wait until the year 2045 when I can afford to buy one of these second-hand. The Fender gear will still be tight even if the wheels are kept to the car with gaffer tape.

If it can keep a baby on a wall, it can keep wheels on my car.

Bush’s Preemptive Strike Logic Proves Popular With Comedians

More importantly, check out this #winning promo shot for The Durban Comedy Invasion. Glen Bo, Jem Atkins, Gareth Woods, and the epically loud Dusty Rich are putting on a show… check it..

Oh ja, while you’re laughing, don’t forget The Tight Rope comedy nights at Unit 11, first Wednesday of the month.

Ok, now to pack and come back to my sweet, sweet humidity, flat whites at The Corner Café, and beggars at robots with one arm tucked in their pants.

Man Drukkies,
TwoSlice Dré