East Coast Colour: “Danish Tattooing” by Cool Hunting and 25% off your next tattoo!

Dansk Tatovering

If you didn’t know that Cool Hunting is the business, then I suggest you hand your indie-kid, square-frame, prescription-free glasses back to the black-kid-trying-to-be-Kanye that you stole them from 4 years ago…

Anyhoozles, so here at zero31.co.za, we love tattoo culture! That’s where Cool Hunting comes in.. Check out their video covering the ever-epic Danish tattoo culture. This short vid actually covers the making of a book on the same colourful subject.

I love this freaking video. You have to see this video…


Also this just in, book your next tattoo with Nicole or Dusty from I art ink and you’ll get 25% off the price if you choon them you checked them on the zero31 site.. ‘Ey laka, that’s a deal ekse. A little something for nothing, one time!

You: “Hi Dusty, I’d like to get inked now. Here is my drawing of a hobbit wooing the affections of last years Ms. Bangalore beauty pageant winner, in the middle of a freshly harvested corn crop in Utah..”
Dusty: “I don’t understand that but as long you got the cash.”
You: “Winning! Oh also, I saw you guys on zero31.co.za
Dusty: “Bleak! Ok, in that case, take 25% off the price and go buy yourself a computer game.”
You: “Sweet!”

As you were..
TwoSlice Dre