Carrie On The Rhythm Section


TwoSlice and Andy, they like to make movies!

So apparently economists are angry with you! This run of public holidays and days off work are causing untold damage to our economy. I say you, because there is no way those clever little bookworms with a fetish for pie charts could be upset with us, no way! While you’ve been getting your tan on, we have been hard at work bringing you the next installment in our “Carrie On” series. Andy Carrie shows off his wickedly smooth skills and uses me as a prop amongst other things. We also introduce rising Cape Town act “To Our Divine” on the vid, check them out, they’ll be here eventually.

All this thanks to our insanely talented film-friend, Jared Hinde. I think he’s probably one of those guys that sees life in movies, because what he churned out after our little afternoon shoot is that kind of natural brilliance that makes you take notice and say “Wow, that’s naturally brilliant”.


We got big plans, the next two shoots are going to be insane. Getting bigger and better, the zero31 vibe.

As another long weekend approaches, watch this video and allow it to inspire you to get your skate on during your free time. Speaking of which, later today, we’ll be pushing out a rad little list of things to do in your city this weekend. We love you, that’s why.

So here it is, Carrie On The Rhythm Section… when you’re done you can check out our first Carrie On video. Laka!

All My Easter Season Love,
TwoSlice Dré