Zero31’s All Grown Up And Moving Out Of Home. You like?

There comes a time in every blogs life where you have to thank Mom and Dad for teaching you and raising you up to be the good traffic generator that you are.

That time has come for Zero31.

Remember when you’d come visit us for those rad little house parties, and you’d turn your car into Street (Irony is, most of our street names are now actually that long)? Well, now you need to go to our new super-cosmopolitan-lifestyle-loft-apartment-on-the-point-where-all-the-cool-kids-glow address,

Please let us know what you think of our new spot! We’ve worked really hard on all the decor and finishing touches… you’ll notice every toilet has a built-in bidet and the kitchen counters are made of organic Ukrainian marble mined by the hands of fair trade workers- so it cost a lot more. Obviously, though we’re still doing a bit of work around the house so if you see a scary blue-collar worker once in a while, don’t fret.

In fact, we’re so stoked that by the end of this month we’re probably going to tear down and demolish our old room in Mommy and Daddy WordPress’ house. It’ll be like we were never there.

Here’s to growing up
TwoSlice Dré