What do Popskarr and Charlie Sheen have in common? #winning!

Happy Saterdag julle!

facebook.com/popskarrHere’s a little something to kick off your Saturday and to show you that I care.
I’m a rock kid at heart but every once in a while an electro-pop-esque act will come along and tap into that part of my heart where my arteries are made of recycled glow-sticks. Popskarr is on the of theses acts.

Popskarr is a two-man act out of of Cape Town that regularly pull a crowd to hipster shelter, The Assembly. I’ve seen them live quite a few times and they have always impressed, some of you might have seen them at last year’s RedEye when they played the after party with The Plastics, also from that mountain town. They started in early 2009 are made up of Belgian-born vocalist, Yannick Ilunga a.k.a. IAMWAVES and Durbanite producer, Terrence Pearce a.k.a. Dj Lapse. This is quite a chilled track of theirs so listen to it as you slowly get ready for whatever it is you’re going to do tonight. You’ll immediately pick-up on similarities between front-man IAMWAVES and Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke, there are also musical similarities as well. Cough.

Of course, I dedicate this to Bryn Saunders, obviously.

Yip, he's waving around a machete...

Once you’ve been brought to  a place of weekend equilibrium and peace, you can then watch this video and have your universe shattered.. or at least your attempt to stay clean. I’ve never touched drugs but after watching anything that Charlie Sheen does these days, I feel like I need to shower.

Thanks to ultimate info-seeking legend, Jonas Barausse, for showing us this. Too insane.

This video is probably a hundred years old in web-years, but still epic. Important to note here, that the only thing that’s altered or fake about this video is the pitch of Sheen’s voice that’s been manipulated. Bottom-line, those words left his mouth during actual interviews. Scary … and crazy awesome!

Well anyway, there they are.. Tonight is the Josie Field album launch at Unit 11 which should be quite rad. The last few weeks have been raucous acts that have left me with a broken body and shortage of sweat with which to perspire. That’s tonight though! For now, I’m off to laze my mid-day away at The Corner Café while John and Portia fill the space with their honey-soaked guitar and vocals vibe. Anyone in?

Lastly, and way more importantly: if you’re the praying type, pray for Japan. Please.