It’s RAMFest Reality Day!

***It’s 4am, just did RAMFest, no sleep.. grammatical errors are to be expected*

RAMFest in DurbanLess than 24 hours after this post, I have a less than favourable opinion of the event that I was so looking forward to.

It wasn’t really the bands that let me down, more the conclusion I had reached when I sat thinking why the organisers of RAMFest did the things they did. In my opinion, the event we had all been looking forward to was horribly attended. Probably similiar to the first BBQ O.J. Simpson invited all his mates to right after the Not Guilty verdict was announced: everyone says they’ll be there but on the day only a hard few actually show up.

To add to my frustration, I had heard earlier in the day that the organiser, Dawid Fourie, was saying that he was essentially bummed with the support the Durban leg of the tour had recieved and that this would be the first and last of it. MC John Vlismas, on the night however, stated that there was “no f@*king way RAMFest would not come back again”. Regardless of where the truth lies, it was still dismally attended and most of the crowd (who had paid R200 bucks, mind you) that did come looked half-interested at best.

However, I’m not going to let this be the start of another “You see, Durban never supports concerts” debate; this time it’s not our fault.

Let’s check it out…

Seeing since it was the first ever Durban leg of the RAMFest tour, the orginisers could have made use of any of the following people as a mouth piece to market the event: zero31, Bob Perfect, DurbanIsYours, The Corner Cafe blog, Matt Knight, Hruki bla bla bla etc. but they didn’t seem to. It seemed like they were amped to do it all themselves which in the beginning is admirable but after you were there … you couldn’t shake the feeling it was ‘cos they just couldn’t care. That was my conclusion: RAMFest didn’t really care about Durban. How can you expect things of people you don’t know, like coming to your gig, when you haven’t respected them as a music-loving population to begin with. So…

  • It was on a WEDNESDAY! What the hell! With no public holiday on either side. ’nuff said.
  • You essentially had to be 18 to come.. that’s another way of saying you can only attend RAMFest if you’re old enough to go to varsity or have a job … PS. The first band IS ON AT 5PM!! (Do you see where I’m going with this)
  • Not a single effing Durban band on the line up. NOT ONE!! ’nuff said.
  • The proof was in the pudding when the crowd cheered for their first encore of the night as soon as Funeral For A Friend had finished their set, but were instead greeted by the sounds of some Mango Groove and Johnny Clegg vibe over the system. Vlismas wasn’t even coming through the speakers ‘cos they had turned it off in their rush to go home. First Durban RAMfest, first encore shut down!
  • The alcohol tent ran next to the main crowd area, but you weren’t allowed to take drinks with you, hence encouraging people to stay on the sideline.

A simple alternative solution for these points could have got a couple more hundred people in. Ous are bleak, trust me.

For the record, the moment I found out about this event, I emailed Dawid Fourie and basically offered my blog to him to punt the event until it ran in Durban.  He gave me the email address of another lady I should email, who then forwarded my email onto someone else- I have yet to hear anything back at all, from anyone.

It really felt like they didnt respect the Durban crowd and were keen just to get it over with as a chore on their tour of the other “cool cities”.

All I know is, there were more people at Burn a few weeks back for VCK, then when they opened RAMFest. But hey, you want to give us the worst day and time in the history of Durban rock outings, then you live with the consequencea.

Pfft, what do I know? This is just a kak little blog afterall.