It’s RAMFest Day!

‘Nuff said.

The 5th edition of South Africa’s greatest rock fest is hitting Durban for the very first time via Wavehouse… and be there we shall. I have no idea what awaits me tonight but all I know is thank you RAMFest for bringing out Alka-frikkin-line Trio and Funeral For A Friend … this going to be to much.

This last month has been an incredible party for me in zero31 and it doesn’t look like ending any time soon. Desmond and the Tutus blew my mind right out the skull-basket in which it rests; Van Coke Kartel made sure I couldn’t use my neck for atleast 3 days; The Shadowclub showed me that Joburgers can still rock out despite wearing the male equivalent of platforms; now RAMFest and next month Splashy. Can’t believe some of us are still bitching that there’s nothing to do … I think “some of us” just need to stop watching Jerseylicious re-runs and figure out how to search for things on the Google machine.

Shame, how bummed must the guy on the right have been when he figured out those rumours of a Funeral For A Friend and Bieber colab were ... not. true.


I won’t rest until we get the full 3-experience like Cape Town does.
Man, tonight I shall be owned. Here’s to New Durban!

Stukkend Love
TwoSlice Dré