A New Durban Radio Station! We’re So Close.

Is ja! No word of a lie!

A proposal has been sent through to ICASA for the approval of our very first English community/campus radio station. Everything that needs to be done is done. We are just waiting. for. approval.

Obviously, zero31 has jumped at the chance to get involved and if this goes through, there is a good chance you’re going to hear my sultry voice (amongst others) attacking you through the medium of radio technology. I don’t want to be a douche or anything but, honestly, I can’t contain myself at the thought of a local radio station that doesn’t consider Barry White or Michael Bolton as the ace-up-their-sleeves draw card on their playlist.

This box. My voice. Your place. Party time.

This is potentially going to be the catalyst that throws the Durban music scene back into the spotlight.

It’ll take commitment.
It’ll take hard work.
It’ll take sleepless nights.
It’ll cost money.
Fortunately for you, or you’ll have to do is listen.

What makes this different from other slightly middle-aged or inland stations that are currently on offer is A) People in their 20’s might actually listen to it, and B) By law, all profits have to be sowed back into the community. That means investing in venues, local artists, social development… even bringing bands out to Durban would be a viable way to create new jobs, if done the right way.

Oh ja, also, I realise there are tons of people who are going to offer there help and want to get involved, which is awesome… but truthfully, while we wait for approval from ICASA, there’s not much we can ask for except… hey larnie, if you got a uncle or aunty in government there, chune dem dis ding is golden ekse. Laka!

It’s on motherflippers! One thing I ask is that you let us know what your vibe is. There’s four questions at the bottom of this post that will help us show ICASA that this station is needed and will help show those running it what they need to be doing to make it great for you.

Durban, get ready. Pray with us, hold thumbs with us, knock on wood for us.. whatever it is you do. I heard the French walk around with blue cheese in their underpants.

Then there’s RAMFest on tomorrow as well … Here’s to a great aural future! For now, click on the question-button-poll thing.

Man Hugs
TwoSlice Dré