We Want You To Hear This: Listener. Simply, “Talk Music”.

Listener is a two man act out of Arkansas that we would gladly give up our fluffy poodles to see in South Africa.. (actually, if fluffy animals are at stake we won’t settle for anything less than a gig in Durban). Dan Smith’s lyrics can be heart wrenching in one moment and ever-inspiring the next.When you’re done watching, you need to head over to iamlistener.com and explore.

This is their track “Falling In Love With Glaciers” that they performed at house gig. Here are the lyrics…

FALLING IN LOVE WITH GLACIERS (morla tortoise shell mountain)

I met a shell of a mountain who knew she was finished
claimed she grew up from a grain of sand
with every year wider she bloomed a little bit longer
to the roof of the sky with outstretched hands
she made friends with the sun, shared enemies with no one
counted weeks like she should of counted days
and swallowed handfuls of night so she could sleep tight
and turn her thoughts from its stone cold ways

and this was the beginning, the start of the ending
you can’t die from a broken heart
but from the time the sun rose
to the space where it fell away
she would love, and it wouldn’t take part
and every every day she would echo echo
in every single way she should let go let go
but it had her in its sights cupids icy arrows

so she caught every one with her heart like it was her duty
it walked the wrong wrong way down her one way plan
she was surrounded by forests, rivers and beauty
until that glacier froze over the land
and so she blamed herself hated her wealth
she was born at too young of an age
and every night her dreams were touched by witches fingers
until her heart was caged.
with every morning spent not caring if she cares or not
sleeping in the melt and mud, waiting for the earth to rot
burying herself alive she scrapes the hole that it left open
empty as her very heart, that mountain was all broken
all broken, that mountain was all broken

now I can see that her bloods red and she’s got feelings and they always get spilled both without thinking