Walking Barefoot With Captain Stu – I Didn’t Get The Memo.

Your’s truly got to sit down with the ultimate rock lifestyle band, all the way from the mother city- Captain Stu. Good guys, great music, average fashion sense. When you’re done reading the interview you can download their new EP in it’s entirety here and hook up with them on Facebook here.

Here we go…

Getting Off On The Wrong Barefoot

Mad skills.. just saying.

TwoSlice: So, you’re not from Durban- I can tell because none of you are wearing shoes yet none of you have just come back from the beach, so tell us more about Captain Stu…
Captain Stu: Ja, it’s our 8th year together and we’re from Cape Town where you don’t need an excuse to be barefoot.
TS: From Cape Town? Does that mean we have to do this in Afrikaans? And do tell us more about yourselves, it’s alright I have the Google Translate app on my BlackBerry.
CS: No, English is fine- we’re the other type of Cape Tonians. Ja, so we started out as just a fun vibe, then it just got a bit more serious and became a cool channel to do stuff and do shit we wanted to do.
TS: Ek luist.. I mean, I’m listening…
CS: You know, like touring and meeting cool people. Like, we know we’re not gonna be driving around in limos. We don’t want to turn ourselves into rockstars, we just want to party. We’re the only party band we know of that push ourselves musically. We practice three times a week, got a manager and publicist. It’s just that we’re not out there to impress anyone really, we’ve never compromised on that. We just want to party and it seems to work for us… and we dont wear shoes.
TS: You have “never compromised on that”. I like how if that was the only sentence of the interview someone read they’d assume you’re talking about moral integrity, feeding the bergies and making sure that tik addict that followed me down Long Street has a place to sleep every night. When really it’s about people buying you free tequila. Nice.
CS: That’s sarcasm, hey? You know, we could leave if you want. We actually just came here for the beer so we’re not phased either way.
TS: Whoa! Let’s not take a walk down Negative Road guys. Besides, that particular road is filled with thorns and badly tarred, and you know, you’re not wearing any shoes.
CS: That’s funny.
TS: Oh, I get it, sarcasm. Fair play.

Making Progress

TS: Sorry guys, it’s just been a bad day- my friend lost my VH1 Pet Shop Boys Special on the PVR. I’ll try harder…
So what’s your history with Durban? Do you fall under the whole coastal jealousy, east coast-west coast thing? I mean people have died from that.. ask TuPac, I mean 2Pac, I mean Makavelli?
CS: Ja, firstly, I think you have your own country confused with America.
TS: Nought. I’ve seen all that stuff on DSTV which is South African, blind for you.
CS: Wow, you’re not really qualified to do this are you? Anyway, we’ve actually toured Durban a lot and for some reason every gig we have played since 2007 has been a full one.
TS: In “the biz”, we call that sold out.
CS: …
TS: … *clears throat*
CS: As we were saying, the guys from City Bowl Mizers and Sibling Rivalry have helped us out insanely. For some reason though, it’s still hard to organise a tour here. That said, we still love durban so much. It feels like home, all our buddies are here. As expensive as it is to tour up this side, we can always rely on our fan base here. I guess for us, the risk isn’t to hectic.

The Life and Times of a South African Ska Band

TS: Tell us more about what’s been going on in the just-became-past-tense past of Captain Stu…
CS: We spent a year recording our new EP and then getting it out with james who used to be on back-up but is now Captain Stu’s frontman.  We started the tour in August, took a break for a month and half, which was amazing, and then got straight back into it. But ja, the main thing is the new album… and it’s free to download.
TS: What have you got in the pipeline? I imagine the word “pipeline” is Cape Town slang for one of many methods to take narcotics, but I just mean “the future”.
CS: We got our first international tour lined up. It’s insane. We leave next month to go to Australia for 3 weeks, (Editors Note-or-whatever-it’s-called: This tour has already happened. Check out their blog to see how it all went down) then Mozambique for the STRAB festival. We also got some gigs with one of our favourite bands Tidal Waves, and playing Up The Creek as well.

Captain Stu - Free Music

TS: How do you currently interpret the SA music scene? It feels to me like we’re only moving forward at a ridiculous rate.
CS: Like any local music scene there are ups and downs. Okay, let’s break it down…
The Cons: Venues are full of shit- it’s sometimes not about the music just about how much money can come there way and profiles being made. You got to fight so hard. We’ve been around 8 years and some venues in cape town still wont play us. Radio as well, they some how find a loop hole and just don’t play SA music like they should. And then for us specifically, it seems like ska is kinda being marginilized as the indie-rock scene explodes.
The Pros: a big one is that the bands are super amped to help each other out, especially ours. The ska and reggea scene is not as cut throat as the commercial vibe. It’s also very eclectic- we’ve played with a hell of a lot of different styled bands. You can gig Soweto, Cape Town, Joburg, Bloem, anywhere. It’s not like the biggest country in the world, so you can get where you want to go and sync it all up. It’s definitely exploding.
TS: …
CS: …
TS: Sorry, could you say that again. I wasn’t listening.
CS: Dude, come on!
TS: What? Sorry! I dropped a cigarette I’ve been saving since last Monday. Jokes, sort of. Anyway, if anyone actually reads this interview, what is the one thing you’d say you need from the SA music fans? In a sentence if you can.
CS: Booze. Black Label and tequila- that’ll be just fine.
TS: Thought so.
CS: Seriously though, we’re actually so grateful for everything that’s happening to us and that has happened. So we’re in a position where we can actually say South Africa has given back. If anything: just give different vibes a chance and if they don’t dig it, cool. But we’ve been really lucky with that shit.

It’s Hard To Tie Up Loose Ends If You Don’t Have Shoelaces

TS: In your opinion Stu (see what I did there), who would you say are the underrated acts of the local music scene?

Check out more of their photos on Facebook. Laka.

CS: The Rudimentals are definitely not quite getting the recognition they deserve. Oh, and The Little Kings– that line up is just all class musicians. Dance You’re On Fire as well- they’re so good live, and lank tight!
TS: Any feelings on Durban venues?
CS: We always think The Winston is such a party! The Uprisings we’ve played at are always mad. ThunderRoad is also always a jol, last time the cops even showed up to party.

TS: Any last words you’d like to impress upon your fans. This is a safe place, it’s okay to be vulnerable.
CS: Really?
TS: Of course, go ahead. Tell them what’s been building up in the recesses of Captain Stu’s figurative heart and soul…
CS: Ok. Ja, ous, just party with your nuts out!
TS: … Cape Tonians.