Secret Party Tonight: its a first, promise!

So, I can finally tell you…

Let’s just say, I spent a part of my New Years Eve chatting to a certain owner of a Davenport Road restaurant..
And let’s say he told me he had a set of keys to an insane venue-slash-theatre-room that’s no longer being used..
Let’s say further that when he told me he wants to throw a secret underground-ish party there and described the space, I was like “hells yeah! And you should theme it to Zombieland and have the movie running too.. But we can’t tell a soul”..

And now let’s say… That’s it on tonight!!

So for a one of kind and first.. Check out this facebook event..

If you can’t view it cos its a private, just trust me and follow these instructions…

1)Meet at the Debonairs/McDonalds entrance at Gateway at one of these precise times- 19h30, 20h00, or 20h30.. And someone will meet you and take you to the venue (you’ll walk from there, its close)
2)Dress themed.
3)Have fun you little mobsters you.

Spontaneous High5s!