Introducing : New Segments, a R500 Tattoo Voucher, and a Glorius Future

So, there we go… our new name: How much easier! Technology you are adored by me.

Okay, let me not beat around the bush here- I am to excited for what I’m about to write! The past few weeks have been busy as hell and we’ve been working super hard to make sure this blog gives back to Durban as a thank you for all it has given us. Seeing since Durban is mostly made up of, well, you… you are directly about to gain.

What Zero31 started out as was primarily a music and events blog covering our rad city, and this is how it shall always be.
Moving back from Cape Town, I felt that there was an apathy amongst us and a gap to create something to demonstrate to Durbanites that not only are things ‘not that bad’, but they’re off  the hook amazing. Durban has awakened from it’s hibernation and taken back what has been stolen from her.

The La Els on a township tour with Zero31 and Street Scene

We interview bands and show you the personal side of your favourite musos as we tour Durban with them (courteousy of Street Scene Tours). Every week we share info on the events we think are most worth going to as well as securing free music from local bands for you to download straight off the blog. Hell, TwoSlice has even been known to host the odd gig or two. But we want to bring you more, we want to be the comprehensive Durban experience.

Zero31 is TwoSlice, Dark Knight and CityLove… and this is what we want to show you:

Durban Ink: East Coast Colour

This is a new series of posts that we’re bringing out regularly on the tattoo culture in our fair city. You’ll see well-known and respected Durban sportsman, celebs, artists and citizens bring us the story behind their favourite tat. In fact, the first ECC post goes out later today and is introduced to us by Jonas Barrausse, frontman for Global Mogul winners The La Els, and the story of how he chose to honour his grandmother. To top it off we’re giving away a R500 tattoo voucher, courtesy of i art ink, to show we’re serious.

‘Carrie On’ Series

This is too exciting for words! Prolific Durban skating hero, Andy Carrie, has joined forces with Zero31 to bring you sick videos of the local skate/surf vibe. I’m not joking… we’ve already finished filming the first one, with scripts already planned out for the next 3. A massive shout out has to go to videographer Dane Forman who has come on board to make this a reality. These videos will be sent all over the world by industry reps… but they will be available exclusively on so start getting ready to share with those weird foreigners who don’t know how to speak Afrikaans! That said, this is Durban, I suppose most of the locals visiting this site don’t exactly have a good grasp of die taal either. Anyway, these videos are going to be insane and will probably (Disclaimer Alert: I said “probably”) come out on Fridays and inspire you to make the most of your weekend days.

A Picture Paints A Thousand Verbs

On top of bringing us breathtakingly accurate visual portals into an event we probably missed, Derryn from CityLove will start posting photo-only posts of her favourite moments over the last while as well as photos capturing her interpretation of this epic city.

Coffee Culture, The Durban Fix

We’re finally cracking it! Catching up and poised to overtake the other ‘big two’ cities, coffee culture in this city is an exploding scene and we want to be a part of it. Specialty coffee (aka, proper coffee) is probably half the reason I’m even able to write this post or why this blog even still exists. Every week or so, we’ll have a critical figure in caffeine share with us their journey in coffee, where to go for good coffee in Durban, and what it means for us as a society (you’d be surprised).

Is It Obvious Yet? We’re Effing Stoked!

Can you see why we’re excited!

And finally, the primary catalyst to our pants wetting excitement… we’re giving back to you!
As of, uh, now I suppose, there is a new ‘Competitions’ tab on our Facebook page giving you all the details of how you can get your hands on some warm, sticky, love-filled give-aways. I can tell you that our first competition actually starts today, when our first East Coast Colour post goes live at 5pm: we’re giving away a R500 tattoo voucher courstesy of i art ink. Like I said, the ‘Competition’ tab, it’s all there.

This is all just the beginning. The pipeline is full of vision, and it shall overflow abundantly.

At this point I would ask but only one thing of you: Tell your mates how rad we are. I don’t care which angle you take, wether it’s the weekly gig guide, the interview, the free music, the exposure to local tattoo culture, coffee education, visual stimulus, the glimpse into Andy Carrie’s Durban, or even just the damn prizes..share those links guys.. In fact, take five minutes now to ‘like’ our Facebook page and suggest it to all your friends. We all win!

Here’s to a 2011 that will probably be a lot bigger than any of us thought.

Man Hugs and Disease-Free High5’s
TwoSlice Dré and the Zero31 team.