Here it is: The La Els first music vid. That’s a high bar set!

We put our trust in them. We punted them. We adored them. This shall be the zero31 way until the day I die or sell this blog for tons of money to corporate mogul who doesn’t give a crap: because The La Els have delivered.

I have the pleasure of displaying upon our humble book of digital fairy-tales, the very first official music video from The La Els for their insanely sick song Soulkiller. This video is Durban through and through, true and true, and sets the bar for those to follow.

It’s tight in every single way and I want to see this thing on MK before I next brush my teeth- which gives them sometime.

The only thing about this video that confuses me, is that I don’t think Jonas Barausse is as good looking as everyone says he is. Weird.

Zero31…. enjoy…