And we’re on… in 3, 2, 2011 Jan12


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And we’re on… in 3, 2, 2011

So, we’ve taken a little break since New Year’s, and after a big faux-corporate gathering where we stroked beards and used words like “synergy” and “dividends” we’ve decided to recommence work, and continue our love affair we have with you beautiful Durban Folk.

Fire ThrougFire Through The Windowh The Window.JPG

2010 was huge.

Personally I felt things accelerate in Durban after the RedEye jol. Networks were established, connections made, and zero31 was born. None of which would have been possible without The Corner Cafe.

We interviewed The La Els before any one else did, our first interview in fact, and before we could finish our double macchiatos we were sitting down with New Holland and the likes.

Jonas - The La Els

Then we had a little chat with Red Bull SoundClash, and before you know it we were sharing the limelight in their documentary on Durbs with Die Heuwels Fantasties and Gazelle. Hands down the most stressful day of my life.

The most memorable moment was probably MCing the Civil Twilight gig.. the people, the energy, the weird feeling I felt in my special place (what do you expect when every self-help book says “if you’re nervous, imagine the crowd naked”). Oh ja, and also that small little thing of raising over R20 000 for a kids soccer team in KwaMashu at the First Annual Interpret Durban event put together by Street Scene Tours.

New Holland

Interpret Durban 2010.jpg

Anyway, there was a lot that happened but the bottom line is, we love this damn city and we’re back at work, so expect a flurry of interviews, more free downloads, and maybe even some events.

Much love to the rest of my crew: our insane capturer-of-moments-through-the-medium-that-is-photography Derryn from CityLove, and The Dark Knight.

TwoSlice at Civil

Mad mad love to the Campbells at The Corner Cafe and to Street Scene tours who have helped make this happen.

Hugs and Skittles