This just in- New Years will be the Davenport Road Street Party Dec30


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This just in- New Years will be the Davenport Road Street Party

Ah, its gonna be a goodie..

This years Davenport Road New Years party is gonna be off the proverbial! The ous have gone all out this year: bands, djs, general stuff that’s rad, and more! I remember my first one like it was a little under a year ago and its only exploded since.

70 bucks will get you in for the night..(Instead of wasting the same amount of money by funding some tik addicts habit who got in for free) After that you have a plethora of rad restraurants to choose from to spend your night at.. And with Amsterdam now throwing their hat into the ring, I know there’ll be no shortage of contagious awesomeness consuming my annually ageing body.

If 2010 was a rad year for you, go give back to Father Time by celebrating it with Durban’s finest. If 2011 was a crap year go show Father Time that you aint scared and you’ll prove it by kicking his ass in a series of down-downs at the back of Yossi’s. Either ways, you got no damn excuse.

Personally, it is my opinion that 2010 was a sick year for the country and more importantly, for me, for our fine city. That’s exactly why my perfect exit to this year will be guided by the tarred path of sweet sugary goodness that is that one block of Davenport Road.

I love you all.. From the whole Zero31/Your Guide To Happiness crew- Thanks for all your support.

See you tomorrow in Davenport.. If I don’t, have a blessed 2011. Durban, good things await.

Much love,