I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas…

… and a Green Christmas I shall get, thanks to Hruki and the team at Colombo. I love Christmas… and all the Christmas things, carols, lights, Christmas trees (and presents…if you are good that is!) So to be able to sit in Colombo, lovely chilled vibe and it was nice to just sit and watch for a change, with a bunch of friends and (finally) listen to Christmas Carols, sung by… Jaspar Lepak, Sven the Bear, Thomas Krane, Five Fold, Car Boot Vendors, Aidan Cornhill, Fruit and Veggies, Fire Through the Window and City Bowl Mizers

I loved City Bowl Mizers rendition of ‘Run Rudolf Run’ – I could actually picture little Rudolf running, shame… and Fruit and Veggies (my new favourite) did such a good ‘I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause’ had the song stuck in my head all night (and now I secretly I hope you have it stuck too!)

… I feel like it’s finally Christmas time!

So while we were all relaxing inside listening to the wonderful carols… Jeanie and her incredible team from Corner Cafe, were busily making pizzas for like hundreds of people… what delicious pizzas, well done Team Pizza! There is nothing like eating a delicous, Christmas pizza while listening to Christmas carols and sipping on some (I wish I could say Apple cider, just feels like I should) warm Colombo coffee, served by the BlackwoodBaristi boys… Life is good!

It really warms the heart seeing families come together for a wonderful night of celebrating Christmas! So thank you to Hruki for making it happen and to Corner Cafe and Colombo for feeding our bellies and quenching our thirsts!