OMG BFFs! The Red Bull SoundClash is here!

Die Heuwels Fantasties (this photo is Ar. Ey. Dee. -

Durban, do not let me down. The Red Bull crowd have given me the skinny on Durban’s raddest event this year. And now I pass it on to you.

Musical fortune has shined down upon us like that time Justin Bieber became a star even though he’s a little pre-pubescent pale-skinned smurf.

The Red Bull SoundClash, along with everyone’s favourite tjommies from MK and Vuzu are bringing two of South Africa’s biggest acts to our beautiful shores on the 3rd of December as a very big and very early We-Love-You-Durban Christmas present: Die Heuwels Fantasties and Gazelle. When I first heard this it was like that time when Bruce Willis was dead at the end of Sixth Sense (kudos to all you who get that reference). I know I sound like I’m just saying whatever falls out of my talk-hole, that’s because I am. I’m so amped I can’t think properly.

This is the reality people!

This isn’t your normal type of gig either. Simply put, the Red Bull SoundClash invites two top bands to compete against each other on two different stages with us in the middle.  As each round of the competition progresses it is our scream-till-your-throat-bleeds verdict into a hanging microphone that determines the winner. Hell, that means if you don’t dig one of these acts you still have a reason to come anyway- this is your chance to make sure they don’t have a rad evening for once. If you are however of the opinion that you might not like one of these acts, please read on…

So a little bit of insight from someone who has lived and breathed the music scene in Cape Town as a fan since before Afrikaans became cool again: Die Heuwels Fantasties are my favourite band on earth! You will lose 5 litres of sweat through your armpits alone when you watch them live. If you don’t lose your face dancing when they’re on stage then I hate to tell you this… but you’ve probably caught a debilitating brain-damaging disease from “boerewors” you brought back from China that has stopped you from

Gazelle- You don't want to miss this.

being able to discern great music when you hear it. All I’m saying is, there’s not a lot of SA bands selling out shows in Europe… but they are! Oh and if that’s not enough, Gazelle has just come back from dominating New York. But who am I to stop you from renting Twilight for the 12th time and having a night in while you let another awesome Durban event pass through your life.. Chop!

Seriously, I have watched both these acts before (when it comes to Heuwels, “watched” is the wrong word, “devotee” is a little more accurate- proof to follow at the end of this post). The 3rd of December at SunCoast, on what is sure to be an awesome day weather wise, will bring us a gig that will change how we see live events.

Go check out the entire vibe on this Facebook page, where the Red Bull cats have spoken a lot more coherently then I have here. I should have calmed down by tomorrow so feel free to come into the café and ask for more info. Or just check out this little sneak peak

This won’t be the last time you hear me plug this event, so just trust me and go check out the Facebook page and come lose your face with me while we scream into a mic and dictate which band goes home happy.

Dis tyd vir ‘n moerse opskop mense.
TwoSlice Dré

I’m too stoked to to do grammer and spell checks and all that kak now. Take it up with me at the gig.

Exhibit 1... Their first gig in Cape Town, possibly greatest night ever. The Assembly, 2009.

Exhibit 2... You guessed it, that's me with the hand up. Klein Libertas, Stellenbosch. March, 2010

Exhibit 3... Spotlight on me.. Boom! The Assembly, 2010

Exhibit 4... The Firkin, Pretoria.. June-ish, 2010

I think I've made my point by now. Jack Parow album launch. Barnyard, Bellville.