I was in my element!

So last week Thursday was AMAZING! I was seriously ‘in my element’!

Picture this – Colombo Fine Beverage Co for the First Annual Interpret Durban event, hosted by the incredible Street Scene Tour team – yes it was, an incredible evening. Our very own TwoSlice was MC (he would be all humble here and be like “ah it was nothing” but he did good! Good job, good job MC man). He started the night off with lots of talking and informing us all on what the evening was going to look like – and my oh my it sounded awesome! We first had a look at all the t-shirt designs (people had to design a t-shirt that Street Scene would use for their tours… rad idea!) What amazing, funny and totally original ideas, I so wish I could have thought up some of those designs! Then we (tried) to eat a bunny chow – it was true Indian style, I swear my lips fell off, not even a coke helped, felt like such a Durban lame-o! Anyway (my lips are back to normal now, thanks for asking!) Well done to Janan Lagerwall for winning first prize for the t-shirt design and Natalie Weingartz for the accessory part – gorgeous stuff people, wow!

Oh my goodness… so here is MY best part of the evening, when I got to auction against Juddypoo and Twoslice. Ok, so the bidding on the first pair of  Reebok Sneakers started off, um, slow (I won’t lie it was a bit awkward… I was like “Please someone just put up your hand!”) and… well, yes it did get going eventually. Then an awesome pair of sneakers (which had the Durban city skyline along the side of the shoe) were pulled out and the excitement began – well my excitement anyway! My heart was racing and I think even my hands were sweating… “this is my moment, here it goes!” So it started of at like R500… and my hand shot up like my life depended on it and then good, old Juddpoo also put his hand up and THEN TwoSlice… I was like “I want those shoes”… although they were a size 8…so I’m not too sure what my little size 4 feet would have done in them, but I was prepared to find out! Then, out of the blue (this was not what we Corner Cafe peeps had planned!) some other guy put his hand up… Judd was like, “um no way buddy!” So then all the fun started between this guy and Judd – who was going to take it home?? Well, much to our disappointment, the pair were ‘won’ by the other guy for like R1000-ish… It sucks loosing, but, it was SO worth it knowing that all the money raised from this auction (and from people’s donations) was for a U11 soccer team in KwaMashu – it always makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside when you know it’s all going to something worth while!! Big up to the Street Scene gang… AND I have to mention the other auctioning that happened – an incredible pair of sneakers (brown, black and yellow – I guess you could call them the ‘Mynah shoes’) went for R7000! How wonderfully generous of Richard Hart and Karen Heynes, who ended up sharing the  shoes (not sure who took which pair home?! sorry if you were wondering!) but the auction ended on a high!

So… then…the evening was NOT over – can you handle, the night just kept on getting more awesome! The ‘surprise/secret’ band for the night were none other than The La Els… yeah baby! They were amazing live – what a vibe. The La Els had finished (which was very quick by the way, hmmm please could it be longer next time? Thanks!) Everyone was mellowing down and getting ready for home – well thats how I felt anyway!

What an evening of awesomeness! *insert happy dance here!*

Oh yes and Colombo are having the Wholefood Night Market @ the Roastery (Thurs, 2 Dec, 6-10pm) Be


I heart Durban… a lot!


An Awesome crew (just missing you TwoSlice!)

Also check out Juddypoo’s view of the night!