Street Scene Tours rocks!

What a fun and different way to spend a Saturday. We truly live in a beautiful and diverse city – with so much to explore! I was born and have grown up in good old ‘Durbs’ and never knew of the incredible history that we Durbanites get to share in. (I probably should have listened more during History lessons -oh well!)

So my day started off with a nice iced tea and muffin at Corner Café with TwoSlice and my friend (and our photographer for the day) Derryn. The sun was shining – we couldn’t have asked for a better day! I seriously was walking around thinking ‘Oh my goodness, is this really happening, what a day, I love this!) We then all climbed into our silver tour machine– all very excited for our adventure around the city (I must admit I was a little nervous too, I don’t always like not knowing what’s going to happen.) Oh yes and Jonas & Paul from The La Els and Matt & Marty from City Bowl Mizers joined us, great guys – you should be their friend…and listen to their music… They were a hoot!

So we stop in Ridge road, outside the OLDEST house in Durban – The Elephant House – which has been there for 160ish years. How amazing that it was still standing and the great, great, great grandson of the original owner was now living there?! Then back into the bus and on our way… We got to travel through I.N.K (Inanda, Ntuzuma, KwaMashu ) and really experience the life that we (well a young white city girl like me) don’t often get to see and truly experience. I must say it was quite something – almost emotional – to walk around the place where Ghandi stayed for 21 years and then to walk the same ramp that Mandela did when he cast his first vote in 1994 – I didn’t know that, our amazing ex-President was here in humble Durbs, making history!

We then got to quench our thirst at Sfiso’s Store with some locals and really get into the groove of things (there was a ‘jukebox’ that was playing rad tunes that seemed to call all the locals to come  hang out!) Oh and yes, we got to go and see a real ‘Rusta’ cave. It was in a beautiful setting, overlooking a valley, we felt miles away  (and to think we were only like 15/20 minutes out of the city!) Then……. LUNCH TIME, yay! My best part of the day… we got to eat with our hands and everything! Some yummy meat, pap, beans and tomatoes were served and everyone pretty much dived in! Ahhhh! can you say *satisfaction*. Ok so I’m not a HUGE soccer fan, but watching the soccer at the local tavern at Hlabisa, was amazing! When Chiefs scored the first goal – wow! There were grown men lifting up other grown men and spinning them around, lots of dancing and singing – over ONE goal! Eish, so much of excitement!

But then *Sadness* – it was time to go back home! On the way back we stopped off at Sthembiso’s (our guide) house, where we got to meet his mother, family (and half the community.) All the kids came out to say hi. Oh my goodness – my heart! These kids were the cutest. There was much excitement and hugging and shaking hands and laughing…too much! So after a long good-bye, we headed home. I must say it felt quite surreal coming back to the city. Did that just happen?? Really??

Thank you SOOO much to our fabulous guides: Richard Powel and Sthembiso Mbonambi of Street Scene Tours for an amazing, eye opening experience of our beautiful city! Visit Street Scene Tours for bookings and info (and how cool… you can customize your tours!)

To the fun and handsome boys of The La Els and City Bowl Mizers – that was fun! You guys are…ok I suppose…maybe next time you should bring MORE tequilla…and it could be even MORE fun…

To the beautiful Derryn – your photos are gorgeous! Visit CityLove to view all the fun we had!

And to my partner in crime TwoSlice – it was an awesome experience, thank you!

Go on… Love this city!

Much love and happiness
Dark Knight