The La Els. We interview them… This just happened!

The La Els. If you haven’t heard of them yet, put on your best poker face and just pretend you have. Honestly, you have no excuse. I’ve met people in Nelspruit who are fans- let what follows be your education.

There’s a oh-so-tiny little competition running called Global Moguls– a giant national, soon to be international, Battle of the Bands if you will, and The La Els are the only Durban band currently in the Top 6 (It’s the top 6 that counts).

What’s great about Global Moguls is that they set staged tasks for the bands to complete; first is a demo song, then a rough cut video, then a a visual vibe needs to be created.. and so on and so on. Then there’s us. We, the public, get to vote at every single stage of the competition (There’s even a ‘Biggest Fan’ comp where the winner gets to hang with South Africa’s only role model, Jack Parow. Is ja!)

So I sat down with Jonas Barausse last week to get to know him a little better so that you could know him a little better. It’s not the first time in my life I’ve been used as a conduit for joy.

What you won’t read in this interview is how Jonas and I both hate Twillight even more than we hate getting STDs we didn’t ask for. The fact that Bugs Bunny’s looks were totally underrated and have the potential to turn Joost van der Westhuizen on a bad day. Most telling, was our consensus on only watching any vampire based story once it included Jessica Rabbit.. OMG! Can someone say BFF? Blackberry PINs were immediately exchanged and a marshmellow themed pillow-fight night is in the pipeline…

Anyway, let’s do this.

TwoSlice: How do you take your coffee?
Jonas Barausse: Where ever I can get it – 2 sugars
TS: If Loc’nville wanted to find you so they could eliminate anyone over the age of 17 who has more musical experience than them, where should they start looking?
JB: Glenwood’s our hood.
TS: Nice! (such was the patriotic intensity of the high fives exhanged, we’ve renamed them ‘high slices’)

TS: Who are The La Els?
JB: 6 Durban boys amped to make some Neon noise, also referred to as Diep Indie Kak.
TS: Rad! That acronyms ‘DIK’. As in, “Aweh bru, daai Els jol was DIK gevaarlik”. I’m afrikaans by the way.
JB: I know, I can tell by your shirt tan.
TS: I sense you’re going to be a peculiar nuisance.

TS: Anyway, what are you guys busy with now?
JB: Putting our shit together, getting some songs mastered, our Music video to our track “SoulKiller” should be done come next week and out soon there after, we’re currently sitting in the top 5 of The Global Moguls comp outta some 70 odd South African bands, rehearsing like its an addiction and dissing Twilight whenever possible (ok that’s more just me, but im sure the boys would approve).

By the time this post went out The La Els had moved to top spot on Global Moguls. Hosh! I like to think it’s because people heard I was interviewing them.


"You know? Jessica Rabbit, the one with..."


TS: And what have you got lined up?
JB: Um…damn I think you let me talk too much just now… well ideally we maintain our position in Global Moguls, top 6 bands get flown to Cape Town for the final come November 27th, play there in front of a 4000 capacity crowd and hopefully walk out with the big one. That would be sweadish. Otherwise hopefully getting our new vid onto Mk and hit up a 3 cities tour. I wanted to start with Poffadder, Twee-Buffels-Met-Een-Skoot-Morsdood-Geskiet-Fontein and Upington but the boys are keener on Cape Town, Johannesburg and Trusty Durbs… (Don’t worry Poffadder-ians…we’ll get to you!)

TS: Why Durban? Why haven’t you bought yourself some purple leggings and relocated to Cape Town?
JB: Family, Friends, drink prices and the ability to create a scene and not just be part of it. Oh shit, and Corner Café cappuccinos which I heard Judd totally wants to sponsor the band for free.

Note: At this point, Jonas winks at me and clearly has never mastered the art. He knows it as well, but you got give a guy credit for trying.

TS: What frustrates you, Durban wise?
JB: Durban has a problem with apathy, people tend to moan and bitch about how nothings going on, but the 031 has more going on than most people realise, its just that instead of discovering it for themselves we  Durbanites tend to put on another episode of Dexter and let the magic this city has to offer pass us by. Think it’s the weathers fault, its always rad, so people have the mentality that staying indoors on a great day is ok, there will be another one tomorrow.
TS: Do you get tired of the CT comparisons?
JB: No, Cape Town has got it going on, definitely a bench mark for S.A in many respects. I get annoyed with peeps who get their panties in a twist about it. Don’t get annoyed man, get better, work harder, and make it pop!
TS: What does Durban need from it’s Durbanites?
JB: nothing, what we need we have, we just need it harder, faster and stronger. We’re on the right path…no doubt.

TS: The very first thing I said when I heard your stuff for the first time was that it sounded like Jax Panik had taken a strong dose of horse steroids.. how does that make you feel?
JB: …like you’re entitled to your opinion, I’d have gone for a Trex at a Roller Disco, each to their own.

TS: you first played me your stuff in your car by saying it had better speakers and less aural distractions-  1) not sure if you’re a first timer but why were there no sweets, and 2) is that how you plan to grow your groupie/fan base?
JB: Tooth decay and ja, no doubt! Backseat, windows up, that’s the way I like to……. listen to music.
TS: Ja, you’re a sick man. I’m just glad I made it out a alive.
JB: You should be, count yourself as one of the lucky ones.

TS: What’s more of milestone for you? Winning an MTV Music Award, or Kanye West ruining somebody else’s win by saying it should have been you?
JB: That’s too simple dude.
TS: Ja. Kanye, obviously.

TS: Most underrated act in Durban?
JB: Toughy….Durban’s got game and most isn’t underrated, just not rated enough..that makes sense right?…. Some acts that should be massive are just big and that’s a shame cause these guys should be able to make a living doing what they love. Among those would definitely be The City Bowl Mizers.

TS: Favourite Durban venue?
JB: The Bat Cave! Durban’s Bat Centre has been reinvented as a venue by the GMT crew and it’s just the breath of fresh air Durban needed!

TS: Awesome. This has been rad. I’ll let you know when the interview is up.
JB: Sweet. Listen, did I show you our latest flyer? It’s in my car though. Just need your help getting it out of the cubbyhole.
TS: I’m a wiser man now Jonas but throw in a bag of Jelly Beans and a Creme Soda and you got yourself a deal.
JB: Can I ask you a question?
TS: Lekka.
JB: What was the best part about interviewing me.
TS: Knowing that when I initialize our names, it’s going to look like I interviewed Justin Bieber.
JB: Douche.

Ok, so if you’ve read this far you either care about The La Els, Durban, or you need to get a real job (the one where the office blocks access to any site that’s even remotely rad).. whatever category you find yourself in, you are the perfect candidate to take note of my following instructions- show The La Els some love (the band, do not show love to Jonas personally, it’s a decision you’ll regret and medical aid won’t cover the bills), here’s how:

1) Go to Global Moguls.
2) Log in.
3) Vote.

This is the future. If you guys follow through on this, I promise to dedicate my life to getting all National Elections held online, and with similar criteria set. If the ANC is going to win every election regardless, the least they could do is push out a music video or a celebratory album- “Julius Sings Gospel” – hey? No? Okay then.

TwoSlice Dré

p.s. now reward yourself by downloading my favourite La Els track, Dirty Disco, to keep on your personal computer system forever.