Aaron McIlroy, how do you take your coffee? Oct13


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Aaron McIlroy, how do you take your coffee?

i hated Bill Cosby when i was growing up, he never made me laugh, i used to watch everyone else watching him and laughing at his “funny expressions” and i just couldnt understand it. But Monty Python, now that shit is funny. It was funny 25 years ago and its funny now. as for south afircans, we are funny buggers. we should have a surplus of comedians and yet we only have a hand full. why? we are just as witty as Micheal Palin and just as sarcastic as John Cleese. it makes no sense. but then you see a guy like our first official “how do you take your coffee” guy, Aaron McIlroy. with all my exposure to Monty Python, Faulty towers & life of Brian it takes a lot to make me laugh. this guy makes me laugh from my gut. i even met him once after a show and you just want to say “bru the shows over”. his wife must laugh all day.

drum roll…our first official “how do you take your coffee bru” guy is Aaron McIlroy.

Juddy Poo: how do you take your coffee?
Aaron Poo: Regularly

JP: if an alien ship came down and you had to take 3 people (no animals and the family was already on another ship so they were fine) who would you take(milla jovovich is on my ship)
AP: KingB, cause who’s gonna play my tunes to the aliens? David Gouldie, cause he looks like an alien and Mark Van Straaten, cause he can scare the aliens
JP: who do you look up to, dont say me?
AP: Bakkies Botha because he said so
JP: what is your job description?
AP: a Laughter Therapist

JP: how did you meet your wife(we think she is very nice by the way)?
AP: I did a show with her and she ate all my sandwiches
JP: we heard you are playing a role in the new spud movie true or false?
AP: True, Spuds dad, I am the walking fashion violation
JP: what do you do to help the environment?
AP: I have an out door toilet and that seems to be helping me eat less. My garden is thriving.

JP: whats your next project?
AP: A revival of Unplucked @ the Heritage Theatre then a new show at the Sneddon called ‘The Happy Clapper’ ( that’s not a joke)…

JP: what is your favourite cafe in Durban?(please take this one very seriously)
AP: Honestly, I think Corner Cafe is the best cafe in Durban.
JP: if you won R30m what would you do first?
AP: Hopefully, give most of it away…. Then go on a surfing holiday with my wife and kids…

Check out Aaron’s site for more info on what he’s doing and what he’s done, and what he’s going to do.